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Russian Volume Lashes


2 1/2 hrs

(Infills £45 for up to 1 1/4 hrs)

A fan of between 2-5 lashes is placed onto each of your own natural lashes.  The lashes used for Russian Volume are finer than the lashes applied for Classic lashes allowing your natural lash to take the weight of more than one lash extension. If you already have a good amount of natural lashes and would like to have a more dramatic, fuller look then Russian Lashes are for you.  They are also recommended if your natural lashes are sparse as the fans can help to fill the gaps in between your natural lashes where Classic lashes can't.  To keep Russian lashes looking full I recommend an Infill every 3-4 weeks.   If your natural lashes are very fair, I recommend a lash tint prior to application of lashes (this can be done in the same appointment).  The cost of a tint when combined with lash extensions is £12.50 (normal tint price £14.50).

Lash Removal : from £10.00

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