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I LOVE LASHES..........

and I think that's really important when choosing a lash artist.  I will never apply lashes that are too long or too heavy for your natural lash (that means that if you like very fake looking false lashes then I'm probably not the lash artist for you).  I have seen too many clients with natural lashes which have been damaged from going to lash technicians who do not respect the natural lashes and it really makes me sad.  Applied correctly lashes can really enhance the eye and provided you have regular short breaks, there will be no damage to your natural lashes.  

I trained in Eyelash extensions with ABX Beauty back in 2010 whilst working at Imarni Cosmetic Therapies in Edinburgh.  I love the intricacy of applying lashes.  It takes a lot of concentration but the end result is always worth it and I strive to create beautiful sets of lashes.  During my time at Imarni I also trained in Russian Volume Lashes, LVL, Semi Permanent Make Up, Shellac and Waxing.  I stayed in the salon until 2020 when i decided to branch out on my own. I created my home studio and the rest is history!  


As well as being a lash artist I am also a trained actress and have had a wide variety of exciting jobs on stage and screen.     

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