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Classic Lashes


1 1/2-2 hrs

(Infills £35 for up to 1 hr)

Classic Lashes are just that....classic!  These individual eyelashes are applied to each of your own lashes.  I aim to cover every natural lash and depending on how many natural lashes you have this can take up to 2 hours.  If you have a lot of natural lashes you can get a very glamorous look with Classic lashes.  I like to describe these lashes as looking like you have very good natural lashes and that you're wearing a great mascara.  In order to keep these lashes looking their best I recommend an infill every 3 weeks.  These lashes suit clients who would like a more natural every day look and are also perfect for special occasions and holidays.  If your natural lashes are very fair, I recommend a lash tint prior to application of lashes (this can be done in the same appointment).  The cost of a tint when combined with lash extensions is £12.50 (normal tint price £14.50).

Lash Removal : from £10.00

Lower Lash Extensions


25 mins

Lower lash extensions are only suitable for clients with naturally full lower lashes.  They will add more definition to the eye and will give more of a 'doll' look.  I can apply very short lashes to create a natural mascara look or I can apply slightly longer lashes for a more dramatic effect.  Because there are fewer of them, lower lashes don't tend to last as long as upper lash extensions and I only recommend them for special occasions. 

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